Malibu S150 (90°) (600*200*48mm)

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130W~140W / 48pcs 3watt LED
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Full aluminium built, slim profile with elegant design and anti-corrosion.
Customizable 380-780nm full spectrum and 4 channels independently control for max coral reef growing
Latest Wifi smart Controller AquaZealer applying iOS& Android deivice app control
Supporting daisy-chain system as much as 255 units synchronously control
Self-Adjust 4-scale quiet fans for energy conservation and noise reduction.
Second optical lenses optimizing the light penetration in higher efficiency . (90°/ 120° optional)
Plug-and-play design, modularized LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies, easy replace and maintenance.
Brand name MeanWell driver with built-in fans ensures sustaining stable, safe operation..

In each cluster (24pcs*3W) of Malibu S150 ,S200 and S300 ,S400
Channel 1 : 6 pcs 470nm Blue 3 watt high power led
Channel 2 : 6 pcs 12000K cool white 3 watt high power led
Channel 3 : 4 pcs 470nm Blue +2pcs 410nm violet 3 watt high power led
Channel 4 : 4 pcs 450nm Royal Blue+1 pcs 510nm Green+1pcs 630nm Red 3 watt high power led

S150 (2 cluster)
12xCool white(12000k)
2xRed (630nm)
2xGreen (525nm)
8xRoyal Blue (450nm)
20xBlue (470nm)
4xUV (12000k)